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Managing your lymphatic health

with nutrition and massage support

My name is Kylie Bradley and I’m here to support you to manage your lymphatic health

I’m passionate about helping people with lymphatic issues to regain their energy and zest for life. Why? Well, I can relate to your journey… I’ve been there.

“I can honestly say that my life has become more positive and I have found some happiness from within. Every day I try to find the small successes so that the big goals don't seem so overwhelming anymore. Thanks Kylie!”


Supporting you to manage your lymphatic health and live a joyful life

Cosmetic Surgery Aftercare

If you are planning, or recently had cosmetic surgery - and wish to manage the fluid retention that can develop after surgery.


If you've had a lymphoedema diagnosis following cancer treatment, or have noticed fluid retention that wasn’t there before an operation.

Health & Wellness

If you're experiencing fluid retention and don’t know why, or perhaps you’re feeling a bit sluggish, have started a detox program, or after immune support.