Nutritional Coaching

A key to your successful recovery is a healthy diet. But what to eat when your cancer treatment has left you with low energy, a poor appetite, and discomfort when eating?

In nutritional coaching sessions we will work together to identify what’s working for you and what isn’t – be it diet, exercise or lifestyle – and put into place strategies to have you coping better, broadening your food experiences, and regaining your enjoyment of eating in no time. You’re on your path to recovery!

Nutritional Coaching is not just about what you eat. We will explore what has challenged you in the past and prevents you now from moving forward in your recovery. My working on these mindset issues, we are able to create habit change that sticks!

Your initial 30min My ‘Big C’ Recovery Call enables me to find out a little more about you and your reasons for seeking out a nutritional coach. This phone call allows us both to decide if we are the best fit for your recovery journey and is offered to you free of charge.

Your first My ‘Big C’ Recovery session delves in deeper. We will establish your goals for moving forward, and you’ll leave this session with a few easy steps to put in place ready for our follow-up sessions.

Follow-up sessions build on each other and are themed around issues that are important to you and your recovery. Common topics include:

  • High energy foods
  • Honouring hunger and fullness
  • Self-sabotage
  • Stress management

These sessions can be held in-person (at my Adelaide clinic), over the phone, or via FaceTime, Messenger or Skype. This allows you the flexibility to benefit from a coaching session without leaving your home.

30min My ‘Big C’ Recovery Call – free of charge
45min My ‘Big C’ Recovery sessions (allow up to 60min) – $99

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