Love Ya Lymph... and thrive!

Have you had enough of ongoing fluid retention? Perhaps you’ve developed lymphoedema, but your self-care so far just isn’t managing your condition. Are you ready to FINALLY get on top of your lymphatic health?

Then my 12 week Love Ya Lymph nutrition program is for you!

Making any kind of change takes time. What I’ve learnt over the years is that ad hoc nutrition consultations often don’t yield the results you’re after. I’ve also noticed that programs that are generic and aren’t tailored to a person’s needs provide some success, but don’t address any wider health issues that might also be contributing to ill-health.

So I designed Love Ya Lymph to provide you with one on one support so we can tailor your program to specifically suit YOUR needs, AND group support to share your challenges and wins with people sharing a similar journey.

I also developed Love Ya Lymph so that I can help people further afield than my beautiful little part of the world, offering this program online and via Telehealth so wherever you are in the world, I am available to assist you!

Love Ya Lymph includes:

  • Comprehensive 1:1 Initial Health Assessment  (via Telehealth)
  • 3 x 1:1 support calls (via Telehealth)
  • Full blood analysis
  • Individualised treatment plans to keep you on track
  • Personalised supplement prescription to address any nutrient deficiencies
  • Access to the “Love Ya Lymph” online portal with weekly nutrition & lifestyle support to keep you on track
  • Group support in our private “Love Ya Lymph” Facebook group

You’ll also receive as a BONUS, my Love Ya Lymph self-care box full of self-care products that I use to support my lymphatic health.

Ready to begin?

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Coming soon….

14 day Lymph Reset Cleanse