Health & Wellness

Are you experiencing fluid retention and don’t know why? Or perhaps you’re feeling a bit sluggish, have started a detox program or are after some immune support? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Your health and wellbeing is more than just getting through the day. You want to feel energised and comfortable in your own skin. I’m here to support you to maximise your health & wellbeing and have you embracing life with health and vitality.

Getting to the bottom of your concerns starts by booking in for a Comprehensive Health Assessment. Your 60min session will include a Health & Wellbeing Assessment where I’ll gather all the details about your health history. This enables us to get a clear picture of what’s been going on for you in the past, where you are at now, and what your goals are for your future health & wellbeing.

You’ll also receive a SOZO* Bioimpedance Spectroscopy assessment. This natty little device measures fluid status and body composition so we have your baseline measurements to work from, and can compare and contrast these over the following months.

At the end of your assessment we’ll discuss ‘next steps’ which may include nutrition or manual lymphatic drainage sessions or a combination of both.

To really get on top of your health goals, you may like to consider my 12 week nutrition program.

It starts with a Comprehensive Health Assessment and includes a personalised nutrition plan and fortnightly SOZO* assessment and follow up appointments to keep you on track, and to track your progress.

Ready to begin?

Book your Comprehensive Health Assessment NOW and let’s get started!

60min Comprehensive Health Assessment – $147

Please only book the sessions below if you have had your initial Comprehensive Health Assessment:

30min Nutrition Followup – $97
20min SOZO* Followup assessment – $67
60min Manual Lymph Drainage Session – $115
75min Manual Lymph Drainage Session – $147
90min Manual Lymph Drainage Session – $157
* SOZO assessments are included at face-to-face consultations only