Cosmetic Surgery Aftercare

Are you planning, or have you recently had cosmetic surgery? Are you needing help to manage the fluid retention that develops after surgery and may hinder your recovery? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Your Pre-surgery Health Assessment is the ideal first step. Your 60min session will include a Health & Wellbeing Assessment where I’ll gather all the details about your health history and proposed surgery. This enables us to prepare you for the surgery and your post-surgery aftercare.

Should you only discover me post-surgery, a Comprehensive Health Assessment can be booked straight after surgery to discuss how I can help support your recovery.

You’ll also receive a SOZO* Bioimpedance Spectroscopy assessment. This natty little device measures fluid status and body composition so we have your baseline measurements to work from, and can compare and contrast these over the following weeks after your surgery.

At the end of your assessment we’ll discuss ‘next steps’ which may include nutrition or manual lymphatic drainage sessions or a combination of both.

To maximise your surgery results, you may like to consider my 8 week Cosmetic Surgery After-care Program. It includes:

  • Pre-surgery / Comprehensive Health Assessment
  • 2 week Cleanse Guide
  • 6 x weekly 60min sessions including a SOZO* assessment & Manual Lymph Drainage at each session

Ready to begin?

Book your Pre-Surgery / Comprehensive Health Assessment NOW and let’s get started!

60min Comprehensive Health Assessment – $147

Please only book the sessions below if you have had your initial Comprehensive Health Assessment:

30min Nutrition Followup – $97
20min SOZO* Followup assessment – $67
30min Manual Lymph Drainage Session – $85
45min Manual Lymph Drainage Session – $95
60min Manual Lymph Drainage Session – $120
* SOZO assessments are included at face-to-face consultations only